Accuenergy RIK 333mV Output Three Rhase Rogowski Integrator Kit

RIK 333mV Output
Three Phase Integrator

Accuenergy RIK 333mV Output Single Rhase Rogowski Integrator Kit

RIK 333mV Output
Single Phase Integrator

Accuenergy RIK V Rogowski Integrator Kit and  Rogowski Coil Flexible Current Transformers

Three AcuCT Flex current sensors

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333mV Flexible Current TranformerRIK 333mV Rogowski Integrator Kit

The Accuenergy 333mV Rogowski Integrator Kit (RIK) provides users with an easy-to-install, plug- n-play solution to be used with any power meters or equipment with a 333mV nominal current transformer input. The 333mV Rogowski Integrator will allow the installation of Rogowski coil CTs in a variety of applications where space constraints may limit the use of other current transformers

The 333mV RIK kit is designed with three independent channels of 0-333mV output integrator and includes with it three Accuenergy Rogowski coil current sensors.

Included in the kit are one or three Rogowski coils customized for each order.

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    RIK 333mV Features

    The Accuenergy 333mV Rogowski Integrator kit (RIK) offers customizable features for your application.

    RIK 333mV Output Three Phase Integrator

    Three Phase Integrator

    • 0-333mV rated output that works with any power meter or equipment with 333mV nominal current transformer input
    • Current sensing range from 2.5A to 50,000A to fit all systems
    RIK 333mV Output Single Phase Integrator

    Single Phase Integrator

    • Field-configurable CT ratios: 500A, 1kA, 2.5kA, 5kA, 10kA, 25kA, 50kA
    • Individual CT ratios can be configured for each channel. Works in any single phase application with different current ratings
    • Works in both 50Hz and 60Hz systems
    Rogowski Coil Flexible Current Transformers

    Rogowski Coil

    • Flexible rope-like current sensor, designed to easily fit into panels or busbars where space may be limited

    RIK 333mV Product Map

    Accuenergy Rogowski Three Phase Integrator Kit - Product Detail Map

    Three Phase Integrator Kit

    Accuenergy Rogowski  Single Phase Integrator Kit - Product Detail Map

    Single Phase Integrator Kit



    Rogowski Coil Input
    Three Channels for flexible rope style CT input.


    333mV Output
    Three Channels, 333mV Output.


    Power On Light
    Indicates that the RIK is powered up.


    CT Configurator
    Seven individual field configurable CT ratios for each channel.


    Power Supply
    RIK integrated power supply.


    Power Supply Input
    Power supply input (100 - 240 Vac).


    Flexible Rogowski Coil Current Transformer
    CT sizes available from 16 - 47 inches.


    Coil Input Lead
    Input lead for connection with RIK integrator.

    RIK 333mV Series Models

    The Rogowski Integrator Kit comes with a choice of optional current transformer sizes.

    Rogowski CT SpecificationsRIK16-333mVRIK24-333mVRIK36-333mVRIK47-333mV
    Window Diameter Size in (mm)4.17 (106)7.01(178)10.67 (271)14.53 (369)
    Length in (mm)15.75 (400)23.62 (600)35.43 (900)47.24 (1200)
    Current Measurement Range2.5A - 60000A
    Sensing Range500A, 1000A, 2500A, 5000A, 10000A, 25000A and 50000A (User Selectable)
    Measurement Channels1 or 3 Channel
    Frequency45Hz to 65Hz
    Accuracy±1% Full Scale Error
    Channel Cross Talk< -60dB
    Maximum Operating Temperature55°C (131°F)

    RIK 333mV Additional Details

    Rogowski Coil Benefits

    Rogowski Coils are high-specification flexible current transformers that are ideal for use when space is limited. The flexible form factor of a Rogowski Coil means they easily fit into tight panels and come in a range of sizes to suit most installations.

    Like standard split core transformers, Rogowski coils can be easily integrated into existing panels without having to cut any lines.

    Items Included In The Kit

    Each Rogowski Integrator Kit includes:

    • Single or three channel integrator
    • Three AcuCT Flex current sensors
    • Available in an array of sizes from 16” to 47”.
    • 100-240Vac Din-rail mount power supply
    • Choice of DIN rail or surface mount
    • Each part is highly configurable to the appropriate application.